got fired from my IT job today


Ive been working at an IT job for my college. Not anymore, and you can guess who is to blame. I was minding my own business when my manager (a male, of course) offered to show me how to use the new system for reporting problems in the labs.

What the fuck, right? I don’t need a man telling me how to do anything. What, just because Im a girl I need help with computers? dont think I can teach myself how to use a fucking simple program.

I told him this and apparently I was being “too loud” because he asked me to stop but i was fucking done taking orders from a pig.

He fired me for disturbing the lab environment, which translates to he fired me for not being a docile woman.

fucking men.

This is fake right? There’s no way anyone could legitimately be this retarded.

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The narcissism and need for attention from this one is almost too depressing to find comical, but I will still enjoy it. In fear of losing any followers based upon the fear that my posts will awaken and shake up any doubts her followers have, she has resorted to using a secondary blog to try and provoke me into feeding her dwindling ego.

As I remain almost giddy over her next possible course of action—like I stated before, it’s like a clown dancing for the enjoyment of others—she somehow remains in a permanent state of anger.

Oh shit! She lives near me.



>not blocking traffic tracking sites

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So, I heard that Steven Crowder apparently pushed a guy before getting hit. It’s not very clear tho, the man may have been pushed to the ground by someone else, but the evidence is leaning against him.

I’m not surprised at all, however. Every time I see someone posting cut videos, I always question what forced them to do it and take them with a grain of salt.

But you fuckers in murrica aka “babby jesus god’s chosen jew kike controlled country with fake freedom muh free healthcare muh ebt foodstamps for fatties” are incapable of rational thinking and incapable of debunking simple logical fallacies. Sorry for saying it like this, it’s just what it is! :)

Also, good job to those who backpedaled and decided to remove their Steven Crowder entries. It just shows how you can’t handle being made a fool of(which I presume you already are), how your convictions mean little to you and how you can never admit that you are wrong.

Why can’t I hold…

…all these intellectual fallacies.

Here’s a small reminder, dumbfuckistan.


The problem with modern western feminism.

Reblog if you’ve honestly never sent an Anon to yourself.











You can do that?


I didn’t know that was possible. Is it?

How do you even….

Wait what?


wow that is a level of sad not even i am capable of

WAIT…YOU CAN?? i didn’t even know :/ 

Do people actually do that?

Yes, constantly.


Happens all the time, mostly with the most popular or loudest.


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Riley (Creator of Arkh) Doxxes a 17-Year-Old



[TW for bullying, misogyny, ableism, racism, threats, stalking]

Her crime? Reblogging posts of Riley’s and Riley’s friends.

This is the person your donations have gone to. Congrats on funding an disgusting bully and their gross friends, I guess.

Ugh. This is just getting increasingly nonsensical and awful. How can anyone support something created by people like this? I really don’t get why Riley and co. think people going on their blog is stalking.

I think it’s almost been a year since Arkh was created. 

Funny how this goes against the rules but no one will ever condemn them for it.

Fuck social justice.